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Postnatal parent-child guidance in water – Haptotherapy in water I

02 May 2020 | Reflective practice 2020 |

Scharstuhl G. C.
Keywords| children| Haptotherapy| IJHH| parents| postnatal support| water therapy


How post-natal haptotherapeutic counselling in water can help to heal after a traumatic birth, a difficult infancy, or with a disturbed parent-child relationship. One might assume that bathing and being in warm water together with the parent is enjoyable for baby’s and young children. This is usually the case, as water is a familiar environment for children. Therefore, water plays an important role in the interaction and development of the child: that’s where they come from. However, in case of a traumatic experience the child may see water as a threat, which raises questions that will be addressed in this article. On the other hand, being safe in water together with their parents can help to heal this fear and it can affect in a positive way the traumatic experience or the unstable situation. How to realise this, will also be explained in this article.

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    May 2, 2020
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Scharstuhl, T. (2020). Postnatal parent-child guidance in water – Haptotherapy in water I. In International Journal of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy (Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp. 1-9).
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