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Haptotherapy in New York

08 May 2020 | Editorial 2020 |

Rijsselberg I. M. T. van
Keywords| Haptotherapy| IJHH| Westchester group psychotherapy society


As it is the aim of the International Journal of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy (IJHH) to provide a discussion forum on developments in practices concerning the field of haptonomy and haptotherapy, we were very happy to receive an invitation in April 2018 from the Westchester Group Psychotherapy Society, New York USA. They asked to send in a proposal for a haptotherapy workshop, a biography and a literature list. Our highly intellectualized world makes high demands on our cognitive selves at the expense of our sense of touch. We often do not realize the benefits of integrating touch in therapy. A workshop was proposed which would explore the world of tactile sensations within ourselves and within a group. The applied teaching methods included lecture, experiential exercises and discussion. The learning objective was to introduce the group to several important phenomena associated with touch. The participants would learn to feel and discover the place in their body where they are centered, carry themselves and find their basic trust. They would also learn how to integrate tactile experiences into group therapy. The proposal was accepted and a
request was made to build a workshop around the theme “Can haptotherapy be integrated into group psychotherapy?”.

Volume 8

No. 2
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    May 8, 2020
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van Rijsselberg, I. (2020). Haptotherapy in New York. In International Journal of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy, pp. 10-11).
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