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Klabbers G. A., Wijma K., Paarlberg K. M., Emons W. H. M., Vingerhoets A. J. J. M.

Haptotherapy as a new intervention for treating fear of childbirth: a randomized controlled trial
November 20, 2017
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Volume 5
No. 1

Kemper H. C. G.

Haptotherapy and science
Volume 5, No. 1, p1-17, October 8, 2017
Research 2017


Klabbers G. A., Heuvel M. M. A. van den, Bakel H. J. A van, Vingerhoets A. J. J. M.

Severe Fear of Childbirth: Its Features, Assesment, Prevalence, Determinants, Consequences and Possible Treatments
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